Let us show you how PAQ can help you automate your bookkeeping and payroll and take away stress from your life. 


Our 'tech stack' provides you with a stress-free experience at your fingertips. More importantly, they assist with our communication with you, and to get key messages on time, every time. 

With our tech stack, you can:

Readily access your information through our shared folder, every time, any time. No more back and forth emails requesting for documents.

Get access to your finance team at your fingertips. With multiple ways to get in touch with us, we ensure you message gets across for simple resolution.

Regular reporting calls for up to date information. You can rest assured that your books are being taken care of in the background, without any involvement from you. 


Crafting Your "Complete" Solution

The world is pacing at an immense speed today, and so has your bookkeeping, payroll and taxation requirements. With new laws being passed every day, it becomes hard to keep up with developments. 

Working with us, you can be sure that you are always getting the best value and up-to-date packages specifically suited to you, that are tailor made to your requirements and budget. 

Utilizing the latest in technology, we are able to perform and manage your bookkeeping and payroll for you, at a fraction of the time and cost. 

Our Core Services:

  • Full Xero Setup Services

  • Catch-Up Bookkeeping Services

  • Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

  • Ongoing Payroll Services

  • Full BAS Agent Services 

  • Preparation of Financial Reports & Tax Return

If you want to stop worrying about your taxes, bookkeeping and start gaining some clarity, get in touch with our client team today.

Ultimate Tech Stack
Get access to the latest in technology for quick issue resolution and accessing information. 
Quarterly Reviews
Our process involves quarterly review of your bookkeeping and business performance, to assess your continued viability.
You can be assured that we will flag any concerns immediately, so we can work through any issues with you.
Hotline for your Business
Got a problem? Give your friendly team a call to see if we are able to assist you to solve your problem. 
Customer Portal
Want to submit a project request? Perhaps you need access to documents for a job completed 10 months ago?
With a custom portal for you, now you can! 
Here's what you'll get when you work with us..
Fully-compliant set of books 
Fully-managed and automated bookkeeping system
Award-verified, quality-assured payroll system
Fully-managed statutory lodgements with the ATO and ASIC
Automated, financial reports to track performance
A fully-qualified finance back-office team for you that can grow with you and your business
Justin and the team go above and beyond in making sure all our book keeping requirements are met. They are go out of their way to assist and I would highly recommend them for any business looking to streamline their processes.
Steve, Aquasafe
Helpful advice, great and professional service! Would recommend to all those who think they need a bit of help with their systems and books, especially getting ready for financial year end!
Martin, CCCS

Bare Necessity 





$ 79 


per week

Quarterly Bank Reconciliation

Quarterly Financial Reports

Quarterly Review of Accounts

Preparation and Lodgement of BAS

15% Discount on Xero Subscription

Basic Support via Phone and Email

$ 199 


per week

Monthly Bank Reconciliation

Monthly Financial Reports

Monthly Review of Accounts

'Under 30' Fortnightly Accounts Payable Management: Processing, Reconciling and ABA File Generation

Ongoing Payroll Management for up to 10 Employees: Processing, Reconciling and ABA File Generation

Quarterly Preparation and Lodgement of BAS and Superannuation 

15% Discount on Xero Subscription

Advanced Support via Phone and Email

$ 329


per week

Weekly Bank Reconciliation

Weekly Financial Reports

Weekly Review of Accounts

'Under 80' Weekly Accounts Payable Management: Processing, Reconciling and ABA File Generation

Ongoing Payroll Management for up to 20 Employees: Processing, Reconciling and ABA File Generation

Quarterly/Monthly Preparation and Lodgement of BAS, IAS and Superannuation 


Quarterly Strategy Meetings - Budgeting and Cash Flow

15% Discount on Xero Subscription

Premium Support via Phone and Email

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the FREE review session?

Within the business report, we identify current errors in your accounting file that may be costing you money. From payroll errors to GST issues, we list down a complete set of errors for you and the potential cost savings available with rectifying them. 

Do you provide invoicing, bill tracking, following up debts or payroll services?

We certainly do! By using technology, we can perform these tasks at a fraction of the normal time. Contact us today to see how we can take these off your hands. 

How do I contact you?

 If you wish to start your service immediately, you can contact us at sales@paqgroup.com.au or by calling us at 02 8103 3065.

How are your consultations carried out? Physically or via web?

Initial consultations are primarily carried out through Skype.

However, we can also contact you directly via phone if this is your communication preference.

What accounting software do you use?

We usually use Xero for our clients. 

However if you currently use MYOB or Quickbooks due to familiarity or to access certain functionalities, we have capabilities for these as well.

What are your prices?

As each business/individual needs are different, prices will vary depending on what services are required by the client.


Check out our indicative price guide above.

For a more customized quote, book a free review session today.


GOT TIME FOR $20,000?


Learn how we helped a cafe save an estimated $20,000 by reviewing their payroll procedure, identifying discrepancies, and rectifying the problem. 


The first step to your stress-free bookkeeping experience, is now only one click-away. 
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