Changes to the Modern Awards

The Fair Work Commission has recently been reviewing all modern awards since 2014 as part of their 4-yearly review.

In September 2019, the Commission confirmed that they’re finalising their review.

All employers need to make sure an updated copy of the award (or awards if more than one award applies to your business) is available to all employees through accessible electronic means.

What’s changing?

For most awards, it’s the layout and language making it simpler and easier to read and understand the awards. The rules and entitlements in the awards probably won’t change significantly.

Over the years the Commission have been making changes and these has been notified through emails to subscribers about significant changes. So most of the big changes would are already in your current award.

When is my Award changing?

To find out when the new award will be changing, go to:

Don’t miss out on the new award and make sure you publish the new award on to your company’s internal communication hub!

Most importantly is to let employees know they can access the new awards on the Fair Work website.

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