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Meet Joanne!

Founder of Jb Corporate Consulting. At PAQ Group we are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed by offering a packaged service that sets a strong foundation for growth. Joanne started as an Accountant with a CIMA degree from the UK. Leveraging her Human Resources Management (HRM) degree from Deakin University Joanne incorporates targeted analytical and strategic data to the management framework to maximise outcomes for clients.


Joanne is an expert in Industrial and Employee Relations, People Strategies, Systems and Compliance in accordance with the FairWork Act 2009. Joanne’s previous roles includes Financial Controller, National HR Manager, Head of People & Culture and Head of HR. Joanne is versatile and is able to adapt to different cultures and industries to deliver best outcomes for her clients and organisations. Industries include IT, Architecture, FMCG, Manufacturing, Education, NFP, Healthcare, Telecommunication & Engineering, Finance, Media & Comms and Supply Chain.


Steve Percossi - Owner & Director of Operations at VASP Pty Ltd.

With over 25 years’ experience, what makes Joanne special is not only her extensive HR and IR knowledge but also her ability to provide insightful & sound legal advise to senior management in the handling of delicate employee issues in a fair, firm and honest manner. Joanne’s dedication to the business owners and employees are second to none in helping to find the right balance to nurture a strong internal culture to navigate disruptive changes quickly and smoothly.

Nahrain Lozusic- Chief Innovation Officer – Vitex Pharmaceutical

As the Head of People & Culture, during her time at Vitex Pharmaceutical, Joanne has helped developed best practice policies and procedure framework. Joanne’s knowledge and skill in providing sound and insightful HR advise to the senior management team has been valuable.  Joanne display the highest integrity and work ethics which is why she is the true HR professional in every way!