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Do you have a complacent bookkeeper? Do you know how you are tracking financially? We know how you feel..

A lot of our clients have actually come from complacent bookkeepers that is more focussed on processing instead of focussing on business improvement. 

At the very core of what we do, we deliver a stress-free bookkeeping experience for our clients. What does this mean? This means updating you regularly on how you are tracking financially. This means giving you alerts when you are under performing and need to change something within your business. This means being a key advisor to you that understands you and your business, and putting your outcomes first before our own.


Whether you are a SME business owner, accountant or finance team, let us show you how we can streamline your bookkeeping and small business systems today.

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Check out our FREE "ULTIMATE BOOKKEEPING GUIDE" where we show you from scratch, how you can build your very own bookkeeping system, streamline your operational systems and how you can use the numbers to drive YOUR decision making. 

By having a deep understanding of the KEY DRIVERS of your business through numbers, you will be able to answer key questions such as:

1) What are my variable costs?

2) What are my fixed costs?

3) What is my breakeven point?

4) Am I making money?

5) Why do I have cash flow issues?

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Reduced Admin Time

"PAQ Group helped me catch up with my receivables, improved my cash flow and reduced my admin time. I can focus fully on my business now."

(EvenDots, 2018)

Bookkeeping Simplified

"The team simplified our bookkeeping with internally developed systems and saved us approx $20,000 "

(Yellow Belly Cafe, 2018)

Outsourced Finance Team

"Through their advice and due diligence, we have saved an estimated $10,000.00. Justin and the team are both proactive and cost-effective, highly recommended"

(Circles of Life, 2018)